Youthlab Experiment

YouthLab seminar is an intriguing experiment – we will use scientific method to discuss youth participation in an organisation. Will our hypothesis be proven?

We are about to approach the topic of active youth in a scientific way!

Our hypothesis: There at least 3 different means to encourage young people to be active and cooperate with a youth organization.

During the seminar we will examine, ask and answer the following questions:
Q1. what are the main ways of such cooperation?
Q2. how to make them most effective?
Q3. is there more?
to find if the hypothesis can be proven.

The seminar will be held in beautiful Torun, Poland. Each day of the seminar will be moderated by a trainer, each organization will be represented by max. of 2 members – educators, explainers, trainers, teachers, people responsible for contacting and introducing youngsters to the activities of their organization.

We will try to define main tools of action for an youth organization in this field, most common problems and difficulties we face in our work with youngsters and share experience and good practices in the field of youth participation.

The results will later be published in a form of an on-line brochure, for all participants and other youth organizations and institutions.