UNITED: Connecting People a Better Future

The project “UNITED: Connecting People a Better Future” will take place in Umbria, in the centre of Italy, in Todi. A network of four partners will take part in this project: Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Italy, involving a group of 40 kids for 9 days( with travel days) from 6th to 15th July 2015. The kids will be aged 14 to 16 and they will explore together use of the Internet by young people. The objectives of the project will be:
– analysing the situations in the involved countries thanks to the involved groups;
– developing critical thinking;
– exchange experiences between young people’s use of ICTs, laying the foundation of a healthy and safe use of the Net and in particular way of the Social Networks, as basis to eradicate the phenomenon of Cyberstalking among youngsters;
– sharing concerns about Cyberstalking to identify and prevent it, reflecting on the differences and similarities among young people from four countries in the use of ICTs;
– reflecting on the role of peer-to-peer information as a tool both for youth organization and for diffusing the use of safe Internet.