Istanbul: The Puzzle of Cultures

The idea of our project “Istanbul: The Puzzle of Cultures” is simply originated from the multicultural dimension of the Istanbul city. Because of its historical background, Istanbul has many ancient and modern places where every culture around Istanbul, may easily find various artistic works, artifacts, architectural structures, buildings, clothes, and musical works belonging to their own culture. Shortly, the cultural aspect of Istanbul reflects also signs of other European cultures as well as traditional Turkish culture. Not only traditional Istanbul, but also the modern Istanbul is continuing to reflect multicultural elements of the Europe.

In this context, our project focuses on exploring multicultural dimension of Istanbul. The participants will have an opportunity to express their own culture through Istanbul. To realize that aim; musical instruments, photography, short-film making, interviews, dances & folklore will be used by participants as a tool in order to show their own values which are in common with cultures in Istanbul. Depending on the specific place of the fieldwork, we will use appropriate ones of those methods in order to express cultural background of the visiting place. All those will be pre-prepared and explained to participants with instructions. For example, the architecture of Hagia Sophia will be explored by photography, on the other hand, the artisans of Grand Bazaar will be explored through interviews with them.

By this way, we will have a chance to discover similarities among the different cultures. The participants will be aware of that cultures differences are not an obstacle at all. Everyone can find something belonging to him/herself from other cultures, and individuals can express themselves via other cultures. As a result of this awareness, young people will learn that every cultural value or society is worth to respect. After they faced with differences, they start to respect and live in peace with other cultural group. In conclusion, we will promote human rights through shared values of cultures in context of many types of discriminations and exclusions such as ethnic, religious, cultural discrimination.


Young Pioneers Society from TURKEY
Association Ballade from FRANCE
Associazione E.I.N.E.- l’Europa incontra l’Europa from ITALY
Asociatia de Arte si Spiritualitate Zan Art from ROMANIA
Informal group lead by Ms. Vanesa Vilusic from CROTIA