Take off the Mask

The project “Take off the mask” will take place in Umbria, in the centre of Italy, in Todi. A network of five partners will take part in this project: Italy, France, Hungary, Turkey and Romania, involving a group of 32 kids for11 days( with travel days) from 4th to 14th July 2012. The kids will be aged 13 to 16 and they will explore together the idea of exercising their citizenship at local, regional and European level around a cinematographic realization. This short film on the set of themes of human rights will be carried out by the participants. This project will proceed in the form of a stay of ten days in Italy. It will be declined in several phases:

  • young people will have to be implied with the preparation of the project in their country, carrying out research on the set of themes of human rights while taking as a starting point various facts of topicality, of personal experience.
  • at the time of the stay, the work programme envisages ludic meetings for sensitizing to human rights, for intercultural discoveries, as well as the realization of a short film on this set of themes. his film will be then duplicated at disposal of the partners for presentations with associations of young people, local and international establishments in order to sensitize young people with the problems of human rights related to Europe.

The working language will be English. The characters of the story will be represented by masks on the model of the ancient Greek theatre, made by the kids using papier-mache. In this way they will be involved in several artistic actvities: writing a story, acting and handcraft and they will learn some interesting techniques of the ancient Greek theatre. Art and culture, European citizenship, human rights, English language improvement, intercultural exchange will be the main areas where the kids will be called to take part in and to be involved directly. The methods will be: group work creating mixed group for sex and socio-economic situation, participatory approach, personal involvement through evaluation tools, playful way to encourage and help socialization and team building.

The project was born in a social context made of small communities that lack a strong sense of openness to the foreigner and / or “different” in particularly where young people feel to belong to the culture of their place of birth, first, then of their country (in this case Italy, but the reality is the same in other partners’ countries), but if interviewed, they’ll never say to feel like European citizens. Europe is still perceived as a distant and alien reality.

Most of these kids have never gone away from their native place, often for lack of possibilities and opportunities. This condition makes them grow away from the concept and reality of Europe united in its diversity, and all the means and opportunities for personal growth and training offered in the European context.

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The Society of Young Pioneers
Night People Movement Association from ITALY
Association of Arts and Spirituality ZAN ART from ROMANIA
FOL de la Nièvre from FRANCE
“On the Way” Youth and Cultural Association from