Ideal Eco-City Imagine, Create, Promote!

Youth exchange “Ideal eco-city: imagine, create, promote!” took place in Tallinn, Estonia in March 2013. Countries involved in project – Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. 45 young people met to raise their awareness about ecology, environment & built a model of ideal eco-city in which every European would like to live, city that is friendly as for environment, so for citizens.

Participants discussed and analyzed variety of topics connected with building of ideal eco-city:

  • Sustainable living, eco-friendly citizens as integral part of eco-city, principles of behavior in daily life;
  • Eco-friendly home: how to create it?
  • Building green way: new eco-friendly technologies of building;
  • Transport in eco-city: how to make it more friendly for environment;
  • City planning: what should be taken into consideration in eco-city;
  • European and local politics about ecology and environment: important themes and trends;
  • Role of active citizens and NGO’s in providing and widespreading EU policies: best examples;
  • How to promote ideas of eco-city in local communities;

And other important questions about ecology and environment in wide range of aspects.

Were created promo materials (brochure, movie and web-site) with ideas and recommendations for youth, active citizens and NGO’s, local authorities about how each of them can act to influence for making their cities and communities more ecofriendly and why it is important. Youngsters shared their ideas and experience about effective ways of promotion and widespread ideas and outcomes of project in their home countries and used it for dissemination activities after project.

Best methods of non-formal education such as presentations, brainstormings, role plays, games and other activities provided active involvement of each participant in preparation and realization of project. For youngsters were provided a lot of opportunities for opening their potential and creativity, better understanding of other cultures and diversity, increasing sense of tolerance and open-mindeness.