BalsiKa VI

“BalsiKa” is and orchestra which consists of young people who come together in order to symbolize the peace, fellowship and freedom principles of French Revolution and the orchestra includes five countries that Turkey, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. They are using the music as a tool to create a peaceful world in Balkans after the war emerged recently at the same place.

BalsiKa is centering on the “traditional music” in the international area. It is not familiar situation that being traditional and international together, however, BalsiKa incorporates the new cultures and these cultures bring their own heritage of music to the BalsiKa!

Last year, Turkey also joined to BalsiKa and, Turkey, which is famous with its cultural richness in Europe, is represented. Our team, Soyop, participated with the traditional instruments of Turkish culture which are kemancha, drum and a kind of guitar that is ”baglama” to contribute multicultural dimension of the orchesta. We also presented our traditional tastes which baklava, sarma (stuffed grape leaves with olive oil) and Turkish fairy floss.